Another Full Friday

Fridays have a way of getting busy.

This morning Lamar and I met with Marco, the organizer of the market. He says we can rent a stall there the end of September. We’re hoping to sell books, Bibles, and baked goods.

While we were talking to Marco, Steph and Beulah did the shopping. Lamar and I also walked through the pig and chicken area, but decided not to buy anything today. We were dreaming of bacon; although, neither of us know how to make it.

After we were through shopping, Lamar and I walked down to find the fellow with the tractor and plow, Mario. He agreed to come plow the garden plot again tomorrow–tomorrow or next week.

When we got home two hours later, the girls had gotten right next to none of their school work done. Apparently, if the principal isn’t there, they cannot work. They thought. They have discovered otherwise. Half an hour later they were finished. Magic!

After lunch, I hope to work at the computer a few hours before heading into Izcuchaca. Lamar and I plan to finally sign the contract for the church facility, with hopes of moving the benches in tomorrow. We’re looking forward to having a building in town.

Afterward, we will run up to the hardware store to pick up estimates for the kitchen cabinets. The cabinet maker, ElĂ­as, came last evening and measured up several options for us and Lamar’s.

After that, we will have a pizza supper. Maybe. I have this feeling the day may end up with more in it before it’s all said and done.