Something More

My friend share an original poem with me. She had written it one night after a friend encouraged her to pray, remembering God loves to give His children good gifts.

It touched my heart. Perhaps it will encourage you, too.

Something More

I’d lost it, Lord.

In the moments of time

between the optimism of youth and the

losing of many things precious—

I lost it.

I’d thought as one relationship and

then another floundered, flopped, and failed

that surely the end was not as it presently seemed…

Yes, t’was then I lost it.

It was later, Lord,

When jobs became normal and blasé,

And my thoughts turned toward the south,

I thought I would lose myself in you there,

only to be brought up short.

T’was then when I began to lose hope.

When you brought me home

–home to see my mother die—

it was then I lost it.

I still had faith in you…

You would do what was right and good.

But hope?

I lost that.

It was only tonight, Lord,

when a friend spoke to my heart…

called forth the tiny spark of hope…

that I realized I had lost it, Lord.

I hadn’t realized until then.

I knew I was different,

that something had made me more “adult.”

And all along it was that tiny flame of hope that had gone out.

That made me see the world differently,

with no excitement of “What’s around the bend?”

But my friend, he tells me to Pray! Pray! Pray!

Pray with faith for my OWN future.

Pray believing that there is still something

out there for me yet in this world.

I had hated to ask.

I have so much, Lord.

And yet, I lack.

And lacking that child-like spark of hope…

I nearly died.

Lord, give me faith to hope…

for something more.