Thursday: 12 September 2019

Everyone here on the farm is sore today, except for Seth. Yesterday we worked on installing the new drain line for the septic at Lamar’s. Many hands make work light–well, the rocks were still very heavy, but the work was completed in less time than if Lamar had done it alone. Maybe.

It was fun to have Kristina along to help (You should see how full her shovel-fulls of rock were!). She arrived on Tuesday. Lamar’s family has been in a general state of giddiness ever since. It is a blessing to see them rejoicing together.

The backhoe arrived late (Surprise!), so we weren’t sure how much we’d get done yesterday, but he managed to put the entire ditch in and get pretty far on prepping for the driveway. We laid large stone in the bottom of the ditch for the water to disperse, then pipe above that and plastic to cover it and keep the dirt from falling into the rock. The backhoe operator was supposed to come back today to continue work on the drive, but he didn’t show up. Plans now are for him to come tomorrow.

Tomorrow Steph and I plan to be in Cuzco for the day again. We need to pick up some paperwork at a courier before heading to an appointment at migraciĆ³n. This is hopefully the next-to-last step in getting our carnet. Lamar and Beulah are expecting theirs to arrive in about ten days!

Steph is a bit anxious about going to Cuzco again. When we went earlier this week, she had a rather uncomfortable day. The baby keeps acting like he’s coming, but he never actually gets around to it. It’s rather wearing on her emotionally and physically. We expect for him to come sometime between right now and Christmas. Tomorrow is Abbey’s birthday, so she would really like for him to come then, but delivering a baby in Cuzco doesn’t sound like much fun.

You can keep Steph in your prayers. She needs courage and patience and strength.

In other news, two more pullets have died. I do not understand why. They do not act sick. They are eating and drinking and seeming to be happy until they slowly lay over and die. I don’t get it. I don’t think they’re simply too cold, as they are two months old. Sigh…