Thursday: 26 September 2019

We have had a fairly quiet week. Beulah’s mom and sister and Kristina are filling up Lamar’s family time, so we don’t see them quite as much. That has had the knock-on effect of making our days less full, which has let us catch our breath a little. We’re glad they are enjoying their family time; a close family is a precious gift.

We did enjoying having a campfire with them the evening of the first day of spring. The children and I gathered dried cow pies from the field for fuel. They burned long and hot. Would you eat s’mores over that?

I’ve gotten a few small projects done this week with my extra time, including some writing projects. I am now officially out of work from the States, but we are planning to begin English classes in October. It will be an interesting experiment. I hope is worth the effort we plan to put into it, but I especially hope we can help the students learn effectively.

The one project I’m pleased to have behind me is finding and repairing the leaking pipes in the laundry room ceiling. I do not enjoy plumbing, but I think I’m learning a little. It was a blessing to go to sleep last night and to hear no drips.

The children are enjoying Abbey’s four birthday ducks. They are supposedly Peking ducks, but they are four distinct colorings. I wonder if we might not end up with a variety pack.

The cow’s milk production is continuing to drop with the lack of green grass. We have been rationing the milk somewhat, but we still have plenty of cream for coffee. No disaster yet.

We’ve had several light morning rains the past few days, but last night we had a genuine rain that lasted for hours. Ice was mixed in with the rain, also. It was somewhat cozy to be bundled under four layers of blankets while the ice pelted against our windows. The windows are not sealed, so some rain made it inside; I wonder how that will be throughout the rainy season.

Tomorrow several of us are going to help Alicia plant her corn. She has a third of a hectare that we will be planting by hand. She may use oxen to do the plowing. It should be a learning experience, and I’m looking forward to being in the dirt.

Steph is still waiting. She is at day 184. It’s looking like we might have an October baby instead of an August or September, thanks to your prayers.