Sunday: 6 October 2019

I have not been writing much. I think it’s partly from writer’s block, not because there’s nothing to say, but because I haven’t felt like saying it. Some might say I’ve been a little blue.

We haven’t really had that many super-difficult things to battle with, but there have been plenty of little things. Little things irritate me. Maybe partly because they feel avoidable with just a little effort or a little caring or simply trying.

Why don’t we do better! Laziness and irresponsibility and poor attitudes–such easily corrected wrongs, yet they make such a mess of life.

In our family devotions we’ve been reading through the wilderness journey of the children of Israel. My, how they whined! They were lazy and ungrateful and proud, always wanting things their own way and always wishing for the good old days back before God brought us here.

And God became enraged at those attitudes. He sent plagues and snakes and earthquakes and fire and lightning. He was ready to destroy the whole lot of them many times (we’re up to six times so far) because He couldn’t stand their stinking attitudes and constant complaints.

Thankfully, they had Moses, a leader who loved them and interceded for them. It is only because of his love and God’s mercy that they weren’t consumed.

So God feels that way about bad attitudes? God feels that way about hankering for the past? God feels that way about complaining? How is it we are not consumed also!

Today I’ve been pondering the mercies of God, which are new every morning. I’m thankful for His Spirit who patiently teaches and directs. I’m thankful for Jesus who lovingly intercedes. I’m thankful for second (who’s counting?) chances.

God has been good to us. Walter is doing splendidly. Steph said today she feels better than she has at this point in her other post-partum experiences. I’m glad she’s so strong.

God provided some work opportunities, so we have money trickling in again. English classes have not taken off, but I pray they will with time.

Our house in the States sold! We’re very thankful for that. We had been planning to buy a vehicle, but at this point we are thinking to wait a year and try using public transportation. We think it could be a good way to meet the local people better. Most of them do not have vehicles. Lamar’s also share their vehicle with us; that’s a blessing.

Beulah’s mom and sister were here for more than a week. They were a joy. It was special to see how happy they made Beulah and the family. They were able to meet Walter just before they left. We had a pachamanca meal for them as a farewell. You heat up stones for a few hours, then place the food in amongst the stones and cover it for half an hour. Very yummy and kinda fun.

The fields are turning green. The rains are coming. We will soon put in the garden. I hope there is some work I can do there. The list of jobs that need done on the farm are endless, but we are steadily crossing them off–and adding new ones.

We helped Alicia and Walter plant their field of corn. By hand. We were pretty sore at the end of the day. I’m glad for opportunities to work with our neighbors. It feels like we’re actually doing something then.

All the pullets have died, despite my efforts. I do not understand. Lamar suspects they were raised at low altitudes and could not adjust to the mountains.

The cow’s milk production is climbing now that the grass is turning green. The bulls… bring great joy to my life (as I dream of them in steak shapes). The heifers are growing, but the one is still sickly from when we bought her. I might give her an IV this week to see if she’ll perk up from that.

Abbey dumped a cup of coffee on my computer keyboard. It drowned. I’m hoping I can run to Cusco and find a replacement tomorrow, along with a few other large purchases. If possible, Joel might accompany me. Cusco is so much easier with a friend along.

We ran out of peanut butter. A small container costs over $6.00 for the cheapest we’ve found here. So if you come visit us, please bring peanut butter. And cheddar cheese. Or Velveeta. But no leeks or garlic.

Hasta luego.

P.S. Speaking of little things irritating, I have a thistle spine in two of my toes on my right foot. I cannot get them out. We have many, many thistle plants in our field. It is rather unpleasant–the spines in my toes and the plants in our field.