Monday: 7 October 2019

This morning I got up early and caught up on some email. Then I went to make some coffee. The cream had been left out on the counter and had turned overnight, so my coffee did not get finished. There were a number of Sunday dishes on the counter. I do not enjoy starting the day with a dirty kitchen, so I rolled up my sleeves. I was nearly half done with the kitchen by the time I needed to go milk.

It was a beautiful morning. We have had some rains and mists the last few days. Things are really greening up. The cow was pretty docile this morning; although, she didn’t feel like eating her grain. She gives lots of cream, nearly a pint from a gallon.

Blanca, the sick heifer, (We did not name her…) is slightly dehydrated. I am going to try jello and salt mixture today to see if she turns around. Hopefully, I can find the needed items for an IV in town.

Two of our hens are going lame. Why do chickens go lame? I know this is a thing with chickens when they are over-fed, but I don’t think we’re doing that. These two may become supper soon. I’m hoping to be able to have our chickens raise their own chicks this summer. I’d like to keep building the flock until we have more than we want.

Lamar, Beulah, and Jolynn went to visit a storekeeper named Victoria. Her mother recently died, and she is dealing with guilt and fear. She asked for a pastor to come pray with her. Jolynn is her friend, so she went along to help her feel comfortable. Pray for Victoria; she needs the peace that only Jesus can give.

When I woke the girls up this morning, I noticed their room looked as if a Toronto had hit it, so they were instructed to become Disaster Relief personnel. Their breakfast was severely delayed by the reconstruction process.

Shawn is getting better and better at finding where the hens hide their eggs. I go with him occasionally to show him where to look. Saturday evening we found two dozen! They were hidden in abandoned tires and in the ditches. We even found half a dozen outside a martin den. It appeared to me that the martins were helping themselves to a handy breakfast.

I tried closing the boxes in more with cardboard temporarily today to see if they hens can be encouraged to lay eggs in the designated area. Do you have any tips for getting hens to lay eggs in the hen house? They are free-ranging during the day.

I have my growing list of items to buy in Cusco. It sounds like Joel will go along with me. Can we get back before dark?

Kristina and I are hoping to look over her English class lesson plans this afternoon. Then all we’ll need is students! Pray that people start applying. Planning ahead and keeping commitments seems to be an especial weakness for our friends here.

Dane’s reading is coming along pretty well. He’s still quite slow, but he’s gaining more and more confidence. Today his story was “We save rocks. We save sacks and sacks of rocks. We save lots and lots of rocks. We have lots of little rocks. Can we sit on rocks? And we give an old man lots of rocks.”

I do not know why we are giving an old man lots of rocks, but we did find a drawer full of rocks that Anne was saving in her dresser. Those and a bucket of six caterpillars. Spring is not staying outside very well.

While the girls do their math, I am doing a Spanish course. I’m hoping studying the grammar will help cement what I’m hearing and practicing orally. We shall see.