Tuesday: 8 October 2019

Yesterday’s trip to Cusco was successful. I found everything on my list except scented candles. I had heard that there was a place in Cusco that sold them. Joel and I tried in vain to find them, but we did get to meet and chat with a police officer. Yikes.

I tried updating my phone at various wifi locations in Cusco. The last amount of time it showed was two days. We decided to skip it.

We did not get back before dark, but we had a genuinely fun day. It is what you make it, I suppose.

Today was a pleasant day.

School felt like it went more slowly than normal. Sometimes their brains work better than others. Did you know 7+8=78?

I spent some time studying Spanish before I headed into Rafael’s store. I think I have an okay grasp on the simple present tense, but all other forms continue to fall out of my head. It’s rather frustrating at times.

Rafael had me help him inventory paint. He dictated, and I wrote. That was good practice.

After leaving the ferretería, I stopped at a furniture store to order a bookcase and some small tables. We’ve made a number of purchases there before. The lady tried chatting with me. I tried responding without using my translator app. Hard work.

Two years ago we were holding a newborn in our arms about now. Walter isn’t quite two weeks old, so he can play the part. We’re blessed to have Seth. He is an endless force of energy that brings us great joy.

We enjoyed a video call from my folks this evening to wish Seth a happy birthday. Those are special, even with the lag.