Wednesday: 9 October 2019

Early this morning before the children were up, Steph and I left to take Walter to Curahuasi two hours away for a checkup. Lamar needed a physical, so he volunteered as our chauffeur.

We came extra early because the last time we were here, we didn’t get left until supper time. We waited about two hours before Steph was called. She is as healthy as she acts.

We needed to make an additional appointment for Walter, which meant another few hours of waiting. The Peruvian government does not permit women to have home births due to high infant mortality rates, so they did not quite know how to handle a newborn without an ID.

As it turned out, Lamar happily had a few interactions with the doctors himself, so we finished about the same time.

Steph’s checkup cost $1.25; Walter’s cost $4.50 because of bloodwork.

While we were there, we scheduled a family vacation. In January our whole family is coming back to get vaccines: Yellow Fever, Typhoid, and Hep. A. I’m sorry if our family has more exciting family trips than yours.

We were able to leave the hospital shortly before 2:00. I wish I could capture the beauty of the scenery on the drive. I guess when you come to visit, we can take you to get vaccinated.