Saturday: 12 October 2019

This morning at milking the neighbor lady called me over to the fence and handed me our dead rooster. She said her dog had it, but she took it from him because she didn’t want him to learn to eat chickens. This is the same dog that has hauled off with several of our flock before.

She wondered if the rooster was sick. I didn’t think so. She said she figured it was because her dog wouldn’t attack a healthy chicken. I guess he knows better.

Today we planted garden up at Lamar’s. It was a perfect day for planting, and everyone helped. Alicia also came and helped.

It interesting how gardening methods are different at this altitude in this country. They plant everything in deep-ish ditches so as to have a place to make the rain water run. They put three corn seeds in each spot and usually two or three whole potatoes in a spot. They do not cut potatoes because they just won’t grow, they say.

The locals say the rainy season isn’t nearly as rainy as it used to be. We should be having more, but it’s pretty dry yet. Lamar has been irrigating the garden with the well, but it keeps running out with as low as the water table is getting.

Alicia stayed with us for lunch. She had brought ground corn and made some patties with the chopped greens from garlic stalks. They were very good. The corn here is quite different from the sweet corn of the States. The kernels are huge and more starchy. We can’t make corn tortillas with the corn flour for reasons we don’t understand.

Speaking of tortillas, I made quite a few flour tortillas for supper. Steph made rice and steak fajitas and fresh guacamole and fresh sour cream. Delicious!

Walter had his first bath this evening now that he’s two weeks old. They grow up so fast!