Thursday: 10 October 2019

I stayed in the office most of the day today, working. That was good again. I enjoy consistency–every once in awhile, I guess.

Jubinal came by for a visit to check on Estrella and to ask us to buy another cow. We discussed it as a group and decided to try to do what we’re doing now better, rather than taking on more and stretching ourselves thin.

Tomorrow we are hoping the tractor comes to plow the garden so we can plant on Saturday.

This evening Lamar’s came for pizza and prayer. Having good relationships and people who are willing to work with us is a gift we want to guard carefully. We need each other.

At bedtime the children were looking at books. Two of the books are recent gifts from Abbey’s and Seth’s godparents. It is a privilege to be able to receive things through the mail over such a distance. Dane received a card from his godparents recently. Anne has received gifts and cards. It is a blessing to see others taking an interest in them. It gives us hope.

P.S. Not sure why this didn’t post.