Walter’s Birth Certificate: Phase 1

Last evening we made plans to head into Izcuchaca to secure Walter’s birth certificate. We asked Lamar if he’d be willing to go with us. He was. The plan was to leave around 11:00.

When we were in Cuharuasi last week, the midwife told us to go to the RENIEC in Izcuchaca, and they’d issue the birth certificate.

She warned us they may give us trouble because we hadn’t given him any vaccinations and because he’d been a home birth. We didn’t even get that far.

They told us they couldn’t help us because the baby hadn’t been registered yet. In order to register him, we must go to Registro Civil across town. They would register him; then we could come back for the birth certificate.

But at Registro Civil they said they couldn’t register him because no doctor had signed a control saying he was born. We were holding Walter for evidence, but that didn’t seem to be enough.

They told us to go to the next town over, Compone. There at the Centro Salud they would sign a control; then we could come back to Registro Civil to register him; then we could go back to RENEIC to get the birth certificate.

But at Centro Salud they said they couldn’t help us because we were from Marquesbama, which belongs to the Izcuchaca Centro Salud district. Besides which, they couldn’t help anyway until the baby was vaccinated. No, they couldn’t give the vaccinations. That must be done in Izcuchaca.

Oh, and the jefa of the Centro Salud de Compone was incapacitada. She might be back tomorrow. Come back and see.

We thought about going to Izcuchaca to try to get the vaccinations, but by that time it was naptime, and Steph needed her rest. We may go in tomorrow to try for the vaccinations. Lamar won’t be able to go with us, as he is going to Cusco for more migration work.

We must get Walter registered with Peru before he is thirty days old. Tomorrow he turns twenty days old. So we are running out of time, but it’ll be fine.

We have had some beautiful rains the last few days. If I were a corn seed, I would definitely grow.

One of the willow trees in Edgar’s field blew over; he said we may feel free to take branches off of it to start new ones. I took a dozen, and Beulah took some more. She actually cut them all off for me. Beware of a Beulah with a machete!

I had the children help me plant. We got four of them set and plan to plant the rest tomorrow, Lord willing.