Walter’s Birth Certificate: Phase 3

Lamar and I went to Izcuchaca to RENIEC to explain the situation again, and to tell them we cannot get the vaccinations and other documentation from the hospital without first having the DNI.

They said they couldn’t help us unless we got the paper from the doctor a couple days after birth. How are we to do that now that he’s twenty-four days old, pray tell? The lady said she sent an email to someone in Cusco, and that she will get in touch with us in some days.

That doesn’t sound promising.

Steph and I are planning to go to Cusco ourselves tomorrow to visit the US Embassy. We are hoping they can help us.

You can help us by praying. The longer it goes past the birth, the more difficult it will become to secure the birth certificate.

We have had lots of rain the past week. Things are really turning green. Yesterday morning it was not far above freezing after a long night of heavy rain. The mountains around us had a fresh layer of snow. It was beautiful.

Lamar’s two nephews and Kristina’s boyfriend are here for ten days or so to visit. They brought some things down for us from the States, some we ordered, some were surprises.

It was a lot of fun to open the gifts. Thanks to everyone who thought of us!

The fellows are working on repairing the fence while they’re here. We are tremendously grateful for their service. I will think of them fondly whenever I see the cows staying in the field.

It has been enjoyable to have a few more people to play volleyball with. The games have been invigorating. We’re grateful Lamar’s are so sharing with their guests.

Rafael came to look at our leaky roof with us. He thinks we can patch or replace some of what we have without doing the entire roof, so we’re going to try that. The children love having them visit and about smother them, but Rafael’s love them just as much, it seems.

The one heifer is sick again. I tried giving her an IV–something I’ve done more times than I can count in the States–but I could not get the solution to flow. It was the oddest thing. I was in her vein and had good blood, but once I tried starting the fluid, it was as if it were pulling out instead of going in.

Is that a result of high altitude?