Walter’s Birth Certificate: The Continuing Saga

Steph and I went to Cusco to the American Embassy today to try to get more help with Walter’s paperwork. Unfortunately, the Consular said there was nothing she could do until we get the local papers.

Yesterday at RENIEC they sent an email to the Ministerio de Salud in Cusco to get their word on it. They said the hospital in Curahuasi must be the ones to sign the paperwork.

I contacted that hospital again today. They say they simply can’t do it because the baby was born in a separate district from the hospital. It must be the local hospital.

The local hospital flatly refuses to consider the idea. So what are we to do?

The Consular suggested going to visit the Ministerio in person. She said she cannot force the Peruanos to do anything. We will have to work with them.

Well, we’re trying.