Walter’s Birth Certificate: A New Hope

Today Rafael, my friend from the hardware store, needed to go to Cusco to apply for a passport. I offered to go along just to accompany him.

On the way Rafael asked me about the situation with Walter’s paperwork. I explained the run-around we’ve had, which flustered him considerably. He said while we were in Cusco, we were going to talk to the Ministerio de Salud and get this sorted.

So we did. We were there about half an hour, and it took some intense discussion, but the head lady decided to place some calls to Lima and to Curahuasi. When we walked out, we had an arrangement with a doctor in Curahuasi to sign the papers.

Rafael called the doctor himself and set up an appointment for us tomorrow morning. So tomorrow should find us on the way to Curahuasi with the promise of completing the paperwork!

I told Rafael he was like an angel. He said that good people deserve to be helped, and he has seen our family and knows we are good people. He is going to make sure we have no trouble.

For an early lunch or a late breakfast, we stopped at La Bondiet, a café where Rafael was a baristo for a few years. It was very good.

On the way home, we had some good talks about the effects movies have on people, which led to a deeper conversation about what God expects of us. Rafael is thinking deeply about life.

Thank you for praying. Please keep praying tomorrow. And praise the Lord for meeting our needs!