In Honor of Some Great Men

I did not much talk about the three men who visited Lamar’s for about two weeks this October because we were hardly here while they were, it seemed. Lyndon and Jadon were the two giant nephews of Lamar’s, and Jeremy was Kristina’s knight in shining armor.

I was disappointed I could not spend more time with them, as I was traipsing all over creation trying to secure Walter’s paperwork. What little I was able to be with them showed me men of solid character who were eagerly looking for ways to serve.

I want to be like them when I get big.

From about the moment they arrived until they left those men were working–working hard!–on projects around the farm. I was hardly able to keep up with the list of all they accomplished.

The biggest project in my mind was the fence. They finished repairing the entire farm’s fencing! Simply incredible. And the thistles are all gone, thanks to how well Jeremy and Kristina work together.

The fellows also built a tool shed for Lamar. Tools are Lamar’s favorite things, and he was very pleased to have a sanctuary for them. I think Beulah was equally thankful to have them out of the house!

The roofing on the front of our house was letting in a lot of rain. In just a few short hours they had it all repaired, including new skylight material. Amazing.

They also helped plant the posts that will serve as the corners of my chicken house. I have gotten a grand total of two boards up since they left. Too bad they couldn’t stay another day.

It was a blessing for Joel to have some other young men to spend time with and work with. He has great examples in them, from respectfulness to work ethic to how to run a dish towel!

The young folks did find time for numerous volleyball games, as well as several outings. They worked hard and played hard. That’s a good life. Our singing swelled with several more strong voices. We miss them at church.

Early mornings we could see Jeremy and Kristina walking around the farm. They thought they were the only ones on earth, but the cousins and siblings tried hard to remind them otherwise. They are a happy couple with eyes for each other and the Lord.

We were all sorry to see the fellows go. If they ever need something to fill their time, we hope they’ll remember us here. But I’m happy knowing they are surely finding ways to bless those around them wherever they are.

Blessings on you all. Thanks ever so much for your sacrifices. Thanks for putting smiles on our faces and for giving us great memories.

Ciao, hermanos.

Following are random snapshots gathered from the group here of the fellows’ visit.