Our Family Is Growing

A few weeks ago we brought home two perritos from Alicia. She has a Pekingnese-ish female that was indiscriminate with regard to her lovers. We hope the pups stay on the small side.

We selected two machos, a white one and the black-and-white runt of the litter. Rafael named the runt Tobbicito after his dog, Tobbi, because they look alike, but Tobbicito is the miniature version. I like the name. We are calling the white one Pikachu.

Last Saturday Rafael sent me a picture of a gatita he wanted to bring for the children. She is terribly cute! She has calico colors, and is roughly the same age as Walter.

I gave the children three options for names: Claudia, Garralina, and Rat√≥nasesina. They thought Claudia was gross–the name, not the person–and they did not like the meaning of Rat√≥nasesina (mouse murderer), so we went with Garralina.

A garra is a claw.

Abbey received four ducklings for her birthday in September. I have been astonished at how rapidly they grow. They look delicious beautiful. The children love the way they waddle and quack, especially when chased. I put a ban on duck chases.

But one day four little ducks went out to play, over the fields and far away. Anne came running–Trip! and Splat! Three little ducks came running back.

How Anne killed a duck by tripping and falling on it still seems bizarre to me. Abbey was devastated. She refused… (Ahem!) tried to refuse to let us butcher the duck. In a moment of brilliance, I explained to her that when she eats things, they change into energy her body uses to build new bone and muscle so it could be part of her forever. Then she decided she wanted to eat the whole duck! (Excuse the italics. Abbey lives her life in italics.)

Nevertheless, we have three ducks still with us, growing like weeds with a wary eye out for Anne. Have you every seen weeds with wary eyes? Well, come visit us.

We would have had a pet snake, but Miss Jolynn patted it too hard on the head. With a shovel. Many times.