Thank You

Lately, we have been showered with gifts from the States–boxes and bags and suitcases of love. We feel so thought of and cared for that, as Steph said this afternoon, we “just want to sit in a corner and cry.” It has been a tremendous surprise.

We love all the things, but not just for the sake of the things. Your choice of gifts are so carefully chosen, we know you know us. And being known is such a gift.

It is easy, far too easy, to feel completely isolated here, 4,000 miles away from anyone who knows us. But you have reminded us that we are not alone; you have lifted hands that were hanging down; you have comforted the feeblehearted.

Did you know circus peanuts and crazy socks and a violently orange, dot-grid notebook can infuse a man with courage and put a song in his heart?

Did you know that peanut butter and coffee and cheese can feed a starving spirit? That lotion, legos, and letters can lift a load of loneliness?

You all have given us so much more than things. You’ve given us the strength to go on. We are blessed to be part of this beautiful family. We are rich because of you.

Thank you.

P.S. If I didn’t mention your thing, don’t worry. We love you, too. Many of the items that came were separated from their cards or tags, so we aren’t sure who all gave what!

P.P.S. To the Dollys and Schmidts: Your gifts were extra special. Many hugs from all of us to you!