Mr. Mom

I have not been sleeping well recently. Why? I’m not sure. Last night I made myself a cup of tea that was supposed to help me rest, but I had a more restless night than usual and woke up exhausted. What do you do to get to sleep when your body doesn’t want to?

Maybe I was too wired after last evening. Lamar invited us up to visit and play games. We played Upset the Fruit Basket and Swat. Perhaps that’s something I have to avoid in my old age. It was an enjoyable evening with friends.

Steph and Anne left around 7:00 before the rest were finished with breakfast. It was raining more than a drizzle. Beulah sweetly offered to take them into town; that saved them having to wear boots through the wet fields on the way to the combi.

They arrived at school in good time. I’m curious to see how their travels went once they get back this afternoon. Steph wanted to do some shopping on the way home.

As part of family devotions we have been singing through our Spanish hymn book Himnos de la Iglesia, three songs per day. Since Steph and Anne are gone this week, we are singing out of Praises We Sing. The children were delighted to sing in English for devotions.

After the kitchen was cleaned up, we began working on other household chores. After starting the second load of wash, I sat down to do my journaling while the children played a while. I pretended I didn’t know they were pulling out every toy we owned into the center of the room–another good reason to have only one box of toys.

Later, I sat at the kitchen table to work on an editing project. I had all the doors to the other rooms closed off so Seth was confined to my eyesight and earshot. Dane worked on organizing the bookshelf, Abbey tidied her bedroom, and Shawn was listless. He’s not feeling like himself; I’m not sure what’s bothering him.

I made lunch, which was easy leftovers from the fridge. Maybe by the end of this week I’ll have the fridge emptied out. I like black pepper more than Steph cares for, so the Mac-n-cheese received a healthy sprinkling today. Thus, I became the Pepper Hero: “Mama never puts that much pepper on!”

The sun came out! Abbey and I hung out the wash while Dane and Shawn collected eggs and Seth played with Christmas and the chickens.

We ran out of clothespins. Either there are more hidden somewhere, or we are doing more laundry than usual. I hope Steph approves. If the first load is dry before this next one comes out of the washer, we should be good. If not, I may have to get creative.

I am writing this post and then editing the other project while the children nap and watching the sky. If those gray clouds drop rain, I want to get the wash in before it’s soaked again.

I’d like to work on screwing down the floor boards for the chicken pen after naps if the weather cooperates. I would dearly love to have my birds penned.

It is tempting to take a nap myself. Housework is not for the faint of heart. But I made myself a pot of coffee, so it should be fine.

I hear the washer beeping. Another load is finished. Gotta run!