Update on Steph’s Week

Steph and Anne left shortly after 7:00 again this morning. I think the newness has worn off, and it has turned to work now. They were both pretty tired.

Steph said there were hardly any combis running when she went, so she kept on walking awhile. It seemed all the combis and taxis were full.

They did find a taxi that seemed to have the perfect driver. They made it to Cusco in record time, arriving at the first light twenty minutes after leaving Izcuchaca. Steph said it felt like they were flying.

Thankfully, they arrived at school alive and on time. Today Anne was learning some verbs, adjectives, and adverbs, but she cannot remember what they were.

She did remember that her teacher owns a dog that is nine years old and had five puppies last week. I asked her how she knows that. She said the teacher told her in Spanish, but Anne just talks to her in English.

They have two breaks during the day, so they walk nearby to get refreshments. Steph got herself a cup of tea today, which she thought later was a bad idea because she felt like falling asleep instead of studying Spanish.

She thinks she’ll get the coffee tomorrow. Always choose the coffee.

Walter does not do well with traveling to Cusco. Whenever he goes, he gets a belly ache. Today he spent a lot of time complaining loudly from his corner on the floor. And he wasn’t quite done when they got home. Pray he sleeps tonight so Steph can rest.

Steph says she feels the week has been worthwhile so far; although, she feels she’s reviewing a lot she was already taught. We’ve been discussing ways she can practice her Spanish regularly. It’s difficult since she’s a busy mom at home, and we prefer to talk English to each other.

If you have ideas for what she can do, let me know. Or if any of you ladies know Spanish and would care to call her once in awhile to practice, she’d love to hear from you.