A Blue Cheese Kind of Day

Another rainy morning. Beulah again kindly took Steph and Anne to town where they caught the same taxi driver as yesterday and rocketed to school. They had extra time, so they stopped at a café.

After devotions, Abbey and Dane worked on cleaning up the kitchen while I journaled. Then I gathered up the rugs in the kitchen to wash. The one smelled horrible because last night I had a half cup mixture of red wine vinegar, soy sauce, vinegar, and lemon juice sitting on the table, which Dane kindly spilled onto the floor.

The mixture was part of the homemade barbecue sauce I made last evening. It is very good. I’m planning to have barbecue chicken for supper tomorrow night. Tonight we plan to have supper and prayer meeting up at Lamar’s; we take turns by weeks.

By the time the first load of rugs was done, the sun was coming out. I was glad to hang the stuff outside instead of finding a place indoors.

I sent Shawn and Seth outside with strict instructions to stay out so I could mop the floors. Abbey swept the front porch while Dane folded a load of wash from yesterday.

Abbey came inside, frantically telling me the boys were IN THE MUD! I said I hoped they were having fun, but that they better not come onto my clean floors. She looked at me like I’d lost my mind.

I finished all the floors downstairs, then got lunch together. A quick dash upstairs to grab the boys’ pjs, and I was ready to let them inside. I changed them on the porch while Abbey looked on in shock.

Grabbing another few rugs from other rooms, I threw the muddy clothes into the washer with them for a second load for the day. Boys like mud. I didn’t mind it because it gave me just the time I needed to get my work done.

Lunch over, the children went down for naps. I hung out the other rugs and the boys mud-free clothes. Then I pulled out two gallons of milk from the fridge.

I really wanted to make cheddar cheese, but I don’t have a press or a cheese cave or the patience to wait six months to eat it. I decided to go with simple cheese curds.

The recipe said I could color the cheese orange if I wanted. I didn’t. But I love the flavor of blue cheese, so I colored it blue. It’s not coming out as deeply blue as I’d have wished, but it’s blue enough that the children should be delighted.

Steph made it home in good time today, said she had homework to do tonight, then she and Anne went to take naps.

I’m watching all the boys while watching the curds in the final step. They are a good texture so far. I have hopes they’ll be a success.

Tomorrow is Steph’s last day at school. We are all looking forward to her being home again. It has been quite the week, and I’ve enjoyed it, but she’s a better mom than I’ll ever be.