Thursday Update

We’re stuffed into a five-seater taxi with nine people. That’s not the bad part. The driver has incense burning in the front. I don’t know what it is about incense, but I can scarcely breathe around it. I often think of a friend of mine who gets migraines from strong smells (and dangling participles) and am sure she would keel over from this.

I’ve been thankful we’ve not had morning rains so far this week. The rain has sensibly come during the nights. The grass is tall and wet when we head out, but we change our shoes at the road and have dry feet all day.

Abbey has been learning lots of vocabulary this week: anatomy, animals, food, and more. They have not focused on verbs much at all, but she is gaining some confidence in speaking just from listening.

Yesterday was challenging for me. We spent most of the day on reflexive verbs. They are not intuitive for me; I’m not sure why. Cuando me siento en la clase, me siento confundido. Maybe it’s verbs like those….

Today the teacher said she expects we will hit subjunctives. I’ve never really used them, so I’m looking forward to learning. I expect it’ll be a stretch.

My homework last night included a discurso on my daily routine, but I had to use as many reflexives as I could. We’ll see how many marks I get on it. Up to now I’ve only been regularly using the reflexive me gusto, and that was wrong.

I do feel I’m learning, but it has not been anywhere near as intense as the Spanish school in Antigua, Guatemala. I am now dreaming of going to that school next year. If I’m milking twenty goats at that point, I may need a volunteer from the States to come chore for me. Heh, heh

I’m looking forward to starting back up with school with the children next week. We will be doing a Spanish phonics course, which will be helpful for all of us.