02-02-2020 and 200

Today’s a special day. Our family arrived here in Anta 200 days ago. It is a neat coincidence that the date is full of twos and zeros.

Abbey and I did finish Spanish school; we were exhausted. Saturday was a good day to rest; although, I was also preparing a sermon for today. It rained much of the day yesterday, but I did slip out and plant a hydrangea.

Lamar and I went into town about 4:00 yesterday afternoon to hang the church sign. Pray that people see it and are drawn in. I think it looks lovely.

Esmeralda and MarĂ­a Gracia were the only ones besides our families at church today. Pray for Esmeralda. She’s counting the costs and wrestling with conviction.

I preached from Matthew 7 on judging others. It was a good study to be reminded that my calling is to love others and to share the gospel. It’s a simple task, but impossible to do with an ego.

I thought about doing something special in this blog to match 200, but writing the post “The Top Two Hundred Things Since We Arrived” seemed overwhelming.