Back in the Saddle

Today we pursued our new normal. We have our chore lists, and this week no one has to fill in for anyone else. We have our schooling, and this week I don’t have to divide my time between school and something else. We have our scheduled events, and this week we don’t have anyone to interrupt them.

Well, that last one won’t actually be the case, but you get the idea. It feels refreshing to have lowered stress levels, increased understanding, and higher output. I read last week that one good way to increase your productivity and its quality was to cut something. Busy isn’t exactly better.

School went pretty well today. Abbey is struggling in her math, so I have plans to take time to drill facts and concepts with her the next while. As my mentor way back in my first year of teaching told me, the student’s scores are the teacher’s scores. Her learning is my responsibility, not hers.

Steph baked and did laundry while I had the oldest three in school. I think she enjoys the break from keeping them all occupied, but at the same time misses the older ones’ help. Seth isn’t as skilled as Anne.

I’m hoping to finish the chicken shed this week. The birds are growing well, but their favorite place to congregate is our front porch. It’s gross.

I’d like to increase my flock and sell the excess birds. One way to do that is to incubate eggs. But I don’t have an incubator, nor do I know where to find one here, assuming they can be found. I can order one to be shipped from the States, but it would cost THIS MUCH.

I’ve been asking around about more goats to purchase, but they aren’t very plentiful here. People claim they’d want to buy them if I had some to sell. Who knows? One place I was pointed to that has lots of goats is out on the west coast, at least a twelve-hour drive away.

You can pray I have wisdom to figure out what animals to raise, how to find them, how to keep them alive, and how to sell them. It seems like if I build up a herd and a flock, it would pencil out to make a living. We’ll see.

The children are down for naps now. I need to do an editing project. After that, I want to work on the chicken shed. Then I’m taking the girls to the dentist, Lord willing.

The days are busy enough.

Walking home in a thunderstorm