Nine Little Ducks Went Out to Play…

Yesterday we woke to rain, of course. We also woke to find all nine of my ducks were gone. I taught school in the morning, then after lunch I took the girls back to Izcuchaca for another round at the dentist.

It turns out they had multiple cavities that needed filling. Anne’s are all taken care of; Abbey has two more to do later. We spent the entire afternoon at the dentist, getting home late to supper.

We had no opportunity to look for the ducks yesterday, but it will likely be a futile search (he says in faith). It seems highly unlikely that a predator came in the night and attacked only the ducks that are about ready for market and left no evidence. So either the whole flock decided to move away, or somebody encouraged their movement.

If I had my fence done, this probably wouldn’t have happened. But I cannot build fence while studying Spanish, teaching school, or having cavities filled, and the rain has kept me from working when I had opportunity, otherwise. Sigh…

I don’t plan to buy more birds until the pen is done. I’m not sure how to put a higher priority on it.

It is raining again, of course. I’m feeling about as gray as it is outside. I keep telling myself to give the ducks back to God and to be patient until the pen is built. My head knows it, but my heart is still catching up.

If you see nine ducks wandering the fields looking for me, please lead them home.