The Prodigal Ducks

Yesterday afternoon Dane and I went into Izcuchaca to get some more supplies for the chicken house. The ducks did not return and were not sighted; though, Steph and the children walked far and wide.

The wood arrived this morning, but the driver didn’t want to come all the way down the muddy lane. We ended up tossing the wood over the ditch, then hauling it down to the house.

Beulah received a message from Segundo, a neighbor man. He said he’d found some ducks and wondered if they belonged to Lamar’s. She told him no, but she thinks they may belong to us.

Steph took the boys and a wheelbarrow and a feed sack down to Segundo’s while I unloaded the truckload of wood. The girls were finishing their schoolwork.

Sure enough! The ducks were ours. They were with a bunch of wild ducks in the water near Segundo’s. (Evil communications corrupt good manners.) Steph was able to catch only four, but the rest may be there tomorrow yet.

What a blessing to know they weren’t stolen! And what a blessing to have a kind, honest neighbor! We may get all our ducks back, and we may try to catch some wild ones.

Steph and the children helped me haul the wood to the house in a light rain. Many hands made the work go quickly. We ate a late lunch and were ready for naps.

After everyone was up, they all helped me put the roof framework up for the chicken pen. Seth mostly spilled the nails and screws, but everyone else was helpful. It would have been so much more difficult alone. I despise working alone… unless I’m writing.

This evening was prayer meeting. We enjoyed meeting Joel’s friend Derick (or whichever spelling he uses). He’s a lively fellow who brings out Joel’s liveliness, too. They are going to have entirely too much fun together, I expect. Best friends are just the best.

Thanks everyone who prayed about the ducks. Maybe you thought it was a small thing–and it wasn’t the end of the world–but it is a tremendous blessing to know God cares about each sparrow duck that falls runs away from home. If only I can remember that and give the things to God right away next time.

He caught a wild duck!