Joel Is Improving

The doctors said Joel had a lot of fluid on his lungs. They put him on oxygen and an IV of something to decrease the fluid. They monitored him for several hours and got his oxygen back up to safe levels.

They said it’s a combination of pneumonia and altitude sickness. They gave him meds and released him to go home with the warning that if his oxygen dropped, he was to come back to be admitted.

Walking into the house from the car last night put him back into the danger zone; but as long as he rests, his oxygen stays between 90-100%. Beulah says he is a totally different boy today (It’s hard to think of someone that tall as a boy unless you’re his mama).

He is ordered to rest for a week before trying strenuous stuff again. Lamar’s report he’s pretty exhausted, so maybe that will take care of itself.

Praise the Lord for the recovery. Joel was in a very dangerous place yesterday. Sadly, people die from altitude sickness. Getting to a lower altitude, getting the fluid off his lungs, and getting him oxygen saved his life.

It was hard to see their family in such a scary situation, but it’s a real joy to see their faces beaming with relief today.

Thank you to everyone for joining us in prayer.

Today our family came to Cusco in hopes of getting Yellow Fever vaccines. We went right where the doctor had told us to go, but we could not find the lab. We walked around in the rain for over two hours, asking people where the Centro de Vacunas was to no avail.

We did find some pet stores. The children enjoyed stepping in out of the rain to see hamsters, gerbils, bunnies, and birds.

We stopped and got a frappuccino to share as comfort food. We gave up on the vaccines for today. We need to stop for a few supplies, then we’re catching a bus home.

Welcome to Peru.