Catch-up Day

With being gone all day yesterday, today feels like we’re trying to get back on track. Somehow, there were more dishes to wash, more laundry to do, and more school to teach.

On days like that it would be wisest to get up earlier than usual and hit it. But we ended up doing the opposite. We all felt exhausted after a day of walking over Cusco in the rain. However, I’d feel much better now had I raced the sun out of bed.

We are rejoicing over the sunshine today after so many days of rain. Steph is hanging out wash to her heart’s content. The children love searching for mud. The goats are all happy soaking up the rays.

Agnes is giving over half a liter a day now, which is a bit over a pint. It will be hard to keep her production climbing; once they lose production, they rarely gain it back. But I’m hopeful.

The first number of milkings were fiascos. She jumped and kicked and butted and bleated. Amazingly, I have managed to keep her from spilling any milk so far.

This morning’s milking was pretty calm. She tested me out at first; but, after she was washed down, she settled and waited more or less patiently until I was done. It doesn’t take long to milk her, of course. The children are asking to milk her, but I want her to be much more trained before that.

This afternoon we have a number of chores to do around the place, and I want to get started on siding the chicken pen. My goal is to have a roost up today, so the birds can start using it. We also want to work on the driveway as a family this evening, hauling stones.

Anne’s birthday is coming up in less than a week, and she has been going over the list of animals she wants for her birthday: a gold finch, a llama or an alpaca, a donkey, a goat, a snake, a dog, a cat, a rabbit, a mouse, a duck, a horse, a goose–or multiples of any of those. I told her if she pays for it, she can have it. She says she’ll pay for it if I give her the money. #logic