Week in Review

I’ll give you some of the highlights of the past number of days.


  • Studied for a talk on “Ask, Seek, Knock” from Matthew 7
  • Went on a walk looking for ducks; found only wild ones
  • Moved three of the rabbits out to the chicken tractor
  • Gave the fourth rabbit dextrose subcutaneously to keep her from dying; she was dehydrated and malnourished
  • Shawn has been listless all day.


  • Only our two families were at church
  • Planned to pass out tracts, but the rain scared us off
  • Invited Lamar’s, Fernando’s, and Rafael’s for Anne’s birthday celebration; Fernando’s couldn’t come
  • Rafael’s showed up close to bedtime and got their truck stuck in the neighbor’s lane; we pushed them out
  • Shawn still doesn’t feel well; seems to be ear infection


  • Went to town to pick up more goat feed
  • Found some good wormer for the goats
  • Picked up antibiotics for Shawn
  • Went to look at a chest freezer in Izcuchaca
  • Rafael couldn’t deliver the freezer because he had injured himself playing football.
  • Steph and the girls tried to visit Alicia, but she was not home.
  • Steph slept in the living room with Shawn because of his fever.


  • Had sunshine!
  • Finished the framing on the chicken pen
  • Steph taught school so I could be out all morning.
  • Showed Anne how to feed the goats and how to milk Agnes
  • Dane and Shawn slept in our room with fevers.


  • More sunshine!
  • Dane and I put up siding on the chicken pen.
  • Rafael offered to pick up the chest freezer.
  • Couldn’t drive all the way down the lane because the mud
  • Hauled the freezer in on the wheelbarrow
  • Dane slept in our room because of his fever; seems to be ear infection


  • Slow day
  • Steph went to the posta to get vaccinations for Walter.
  • I stayed home with the other children.
  • Cut some boards for the chicken pen
  • Terrible hail storm