Goats and Travels

I’ve not taken the time to write, sorry. Thanks for those of you who check in anyway. I appreciate it.

Friday was an adventure in the rain, back and forth to market twice. I ended up coming home with five more does or doelings.

To catch you up to date, we have twelve. Merry is the buck. The does are Christmas, Mildred, Agnes, Gertrude, Doris, Ingrid, Alice, Pearl, Opal, Hazel, and Velma. Five of them are allegedly bred. I’m milking two.

Steph took Walter into Izcuchaca for routine vaccinations Thursday. She also took Seth for a checkup of his foot fungus. She was gone for hours and hours. Seth got his vaccinations after being sent to the “right” clinic, but she couldn’t get Seth checked until Friday. There was a lot of hullabaloo involved that led to that conclusion.

Poor Steph. She went out Friday at 1:00 and got home at 6:30. Many hours of sitting for her 2:00 o’clock appointment, which came at the end of the day. A five-minute check said he did indeed have a fungus and here’s the prescription. We’re glad he’ll be improving.

Today I studied for the sermon I’m giving tomorrow on The Golden Rule and the Narrow Way from Matthew 7. After church, I plan to grab my suitcase and head to the airport.

I’m flying to Honduras for the Central American Leaders’ Meeting (they let South America attend, too). Pray for me while I’m gone for seven days. I feel desperate for a word from God this week.

I don’t know if I’ll be posting anything while I’m there. Pray for Steph while I’m away. It’ll be a big load for her to be alone for a week with six young ones. I encouraged her to be patient and to enjoy the adventure and to do only the necessities until I get back. She’s strong and smart, but I bet she’ll be glad for my return.