Posts of Progress

Monday I was exhausted. It was an effort to convince myself to get out of bed. I had some extra chores with the goats to get things back to where I wanted them. After I had mixed up feed for the week, I had some office work to do and school to oversee.

Lunch past and the children down for naps, I headed to town to run some errands. One thing I wanted to do was to check with SeƱor Abel about how the kitchen cabinets are coming along. They were scheduled to be finished the first of February. He said they should be finished by this Saturday. We’ll see.

I paid the church rent, grabbed some groceries for Steph, and picked up some goat supplies. Rafael was headed to Lamar’s, so I caught a ride with him, which saved me walking through the wet field.

Pearl didn’t give any milk that evening. I can easily feel her kids–I think. I officially dried her off, leaving only Agnes to milk. After dark, Steph mentioned that the rabbits were out. I hadn’t checked them yet, but they were missing when I went out to verify.

The next morning we moved the pen and caught all four rabbits. The pen had been unlevel, allowing the rabbits to escape. The ducklings had been mostly forgotten while I was away and were suffering without water. I moved them into the bodega to baby them for a couple of days. One passed away, but the other three are back on track.

We had sunshine yesterday, so I started planting posts for the chicken pen. Everyone came out to help and to catch some rays. A couple hours into it we heard thunder and saw dark clouds pop over the mountains. We planted another post or two and scrambled to put everything away.

The girls moved all the goats into the dry. We timed it about right, getting only a little wet as the hail and lightning storm reached us. This was the most hail we’ve had so far in one storm.

We did evening chores a little later than usual because we wanted to wait for the storm to lessen. It was cold after the hail storm! We still had piles of hail this morning, with temperatures in the forties. We can feel the seasons shifting.

Abbey’s ducks are laying eggs, and the one hen has been acting broody. Last evening we robbed her nest and filled my newly acquired incubator. It would be delightful if they hatch. I’m hoping to have the chicken lot done this week. We’ll see how all things work together.

Lamar ordered a chopper out to clear off this cutting of alfalfa. That may be coming today, but it looks iffy. Lamar is hoping to store up haylage for the winter, and I’m hoping to pay for some for the goats.

Our neighbors are distressed after discovering a cow and two heifers missing yesterday morning. I talked with the fellow this morning again, and he says it appears they were stolen during the night by someone who led them away through the deep ditches.

That’s a significant loss for them. They depend almost entirely on milk sales for their livelihood. We’re not sure what our response should be, but we’re looking for ways to bless them somehow.

Random info / prayer requests:

  • Beulah leaves today for two weeks to help Kristina plan her wedding.
  • The cow should be freshening soon.
  • School starts here locally this month. Our children have started a full schedule of schoolwork.
  • We would like someone to help us by teaching school here for our three children. If you’re looking for a volunteer position for the school year, I can send you to the mission board for an interview.
  • We’re trying to get a Bible study of sorts going with some of our friends if we can work up the interest.
  • Titus and Sarah Ann Peachey plan to visit us the beginning of April.
  • Lamar’s plan to leave sometime early June to be in the States for Kristina’s wedding.
  • Lamar’s plan to take their furlough over that time; they will likely be gone for two months or so.
  • My sister and her husband plan to visit us in June. I’m trying to convince them to stay for two months.
The rain coming from the west
The first sprinkles
Rain from west, blue sky in the east