Things Change, Plans Fail

This morning I got up before the rest of the family. Usually, Steph is up at the same time or before, but she stayed in bed. I never have to wake her, so I let her sleep. I knew she was feeling yucky when we went to bed last night.

I went to the office and planned out my day. I was hoping to work on a few projects outside, but it’s raining today. Those plans can wait. Little did I know that Steph had a rough night including fever and vomiting and stuff and stuff. Change of plans.

I got the children up. We did chores. Several of them were complaining of sore tummies and throats. Change of plans.

So, I’m on duty to nurse the family again, all part of the Dad job. We’re thankful it’s not COVID-19, but stomach bugs are no fun. I’d be delighted if I didn’t follow my history of getting everyone back on top before catching it myself. I hate, hate, hate puking.

Just as we were sitting down to family devotions, Lamar sent us a message. He had discovered last night that it looked like the States were going to be shutting down flights soon, so he worked through the night to secure tickets for Beulah to get back from Montana. She had originally planned to return this coming Saturday after her time helping Kristina with wedding plans.

The sad thing was that the tickets Lamar had purchased were canceled this morning! So he got back to work on other options. At last, he had some secured. Beulah made it all the way to Missoula and through security before Peru announced its border closure.

Things are still developing, but it looks very much like she may be stranded in the States. Or that Lamar is stranded here without her. Please pray that God opens a door for them, if possible. My change of plans looks pretty small in comparison.

A neighbor says there is to be a quarantine or lock-down of some sort starting tomorrow. Everyone is told to stay home for two weeks of self-quarantine. This is from the Peruvian President, I understand.

Our phones changed their business logo again. It now says, “Yo me quedo en casa,” which means I stay at home.

Lamar did a run to Cusco for some things, but he says it’s pretty crazy there. In the city and in Izcuchaca, people are lined up to buy what they can before tomorrow. I don’t know how it will be enforced. I haven’t heard any official word.

Plans change? This is just a snapshot of what is happening to many folks. Family separated, weddings and other events postponed, many sick and scared. I feel sorry for all the ones suffering.

Yesterday, Lamar shared a message on “God Speaks.” What is He trying to say? Lamar closed with the following verse from 2 Chronicles 7:14:

Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land. (NLT)

Blessings on you all as you navigate the next weeks. Stay away from people and wash your hands, I’m told. Maybe spend your extra time at home praying and reading your Bible.

Here is a picture of Walter. He’s still smiling.
Be like Walter.