Quarantine Quandaries

Thursday evening after prayer meeting, Walter from Curahuasi messaged me, worried about his mom Alicia. They had been talking on the phone when she suddenly stopped talking. They tried calling back, but she didn’t answer.

She wasn’t answering my calls, either, so Walter asked me to please go check on her. Lamar was willing to go along. The problem was that it was after 8:00 p.m., which meant that we would be out after curfew.

We’d heard that those who broke curfew were put in jail. Walter said that if we met police, there would be trouble. He said that if we explained that we were going to check on the health of an elderly widow, they may let us go. He said he would pray that the police wouldn’t see us.

We made it there without seeing police. We found Alicia somewhat confused. She said she had passed out. Apparently, she had gotten worked up with the virus and quarantine situation. I think her blood pressure went too high.

Turns out that she is out of money, some food items, and one of her medicines. She lives on a very tight budget. With the quarantine, she cannot sell her milk. Also, public transportation is prohibited, so she cannot get anywhere.

When we went to leave, Lamar noticed flashing lights in the distance. We sat in the car in the dark and waited for the police vehicle to pass. They were out looking for people breaking curfew. We’d just missed them. We made it home without seeing any more police, thank the Lord.

We’d promised Alicia that we would try to go to Izcuchaca and collect some food Friday. We did go, but we were stopped by the police. We thought we were allowed out during the day, but they said all vehicles are prohibited by the quarantine. We were told to quickly get our food, go home, and stay home.

Lamar heard that the US government is trying to work with the Peruvian government to get Americans out of Peru. Apparently, there is a political arm wrestling going on between the States and Peru regarding their respective stranded citizens.

Since Beulah cannot get back into Peru, and since Kristina is planning to be married, Lamar is hoping to get to the States. It may be possible for them to fly out in a day or two.

If they do leave Peru, we are fully expecting they will be gone for a long time. That would leave us here alone, but we feel prepared for that. Considering the length of quarantine in other countries, it may be a few months minimum. Pray for Lamar’s family as they try to make the next right steps.

Our family was all doing well, but then Shawn suddenly started with a fever. It jumps to 103, but Tylenol brings it down. He’s complaining about pain in his kidneys. We’re putting lots of fluids into him. Please pray for him.

Given the potential for Lamar’s family to travel and Shawn’s fever, we are not meeting together for Sunday service tomorrow morning. We will worship alone. Perhaps this will be the first of many Sundays alone. Who knows?

Izcuchaca under quarantine
Shawn, not feeling well

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