Sleepy Sunday

Today Shawn’s fever has been only 100 or so. Thanks to you all for your prayers. It was a blessing to receive various messages and emails from you. A few of you typed out your prayers; that was special.

After breakfast we all gathered around my phone for church. We were able to call in and listen to a sermon on a conference call in Virginia. Isn’t that incredible? So many miles apart, but we’re still able to connect like that.

Someone is poisoning dogs and stealing cows in the neighborhood. The neighbor bought four more puppies last week, but one disappeared the first day it was here. The puppies all live on our front porch and haven’t yet learned not to come inside. Steph is trying to teach them by using Spanish, English, and body language.

The sun is out again today. While Steph worked on lunch, Dane and I took a walk. The nights are getting chillier, and some trees are beginning to drop their leaves. I am thankful for warm days despite cold nights.

Steph tried a new recipe with baked chicken for lunch. It involved an onion, lemon, garlic broth. It was very good. She said she made scalloped potatoes to go along with it, but I saw not one scallop. However, I wisely did not question her. They were delicious, as well.

Rain clouds rolled in around one in the afternoon, making for a cozy nap time. I can feel a little anxious with storms since I started my incubator projects–we often lose electricity for short periods.

The duckling eggs are coming up on their third week; candling shows life and progress. I also started a batch of chicken eggs in another incubator. They should hatch a week and a half after the ducklings, I think.

This evening Estrella gave over two gallons of milk. I think it was more like three and a half, but the one small bucket ended up on the ground. She is still learning to hold completely still for me. Admittedly, she only picked up her foot twice, but one of those times caught the bucket.

Steph made soft pretzels for supper, as she often does for Sundays. I always enjoy them. I was thinking this evening of ways to incorporate other sauces to make it even more exciting, but I enjoy the cheese sauce and honey mustard we had.

After kitchen cleanup, we played a game together before bedtime. It was a delightful day. I’m thankful for these blessings in such troubled times.