Pizza and Piddling

Steph said today just felt completely unproductive. We all were running behind and not getting much accomplished. We did rally after lunch and got a good bit accomplished around the house.

I helped the girls through their schooling, and they were actually finished by supper. Dane and Shawn helped me do the evening chores while the girls wrapped up their school work.

I spent some time this morning messaging various people about the church building situation. Things are looking like we won’t be allowed back into town for some months, so I wasn’t sure we wanted to be paying rent for an empty building.

Our contract lasts to the end of June. The Peru government had told owners to suspend rent during the quarantine, but the owner of the building said he can’t because he needs the money. We don’t really want to lose the location, but we don’t want to lose money either.

We’re going to keep paying for now and see what next month looks like.

We used up our yogurt, so I made another batch today. It’s resting now. I want to share some with our neighbors to see what they think of it.

Steph made some strawberry ice cream, and I was rather impressed. I asked her to make more soon. You should try it.

Yesterday was my dad’s birthday. We weren’t able to call him then, but we did today. Since yesterday was April Fool’s Day, we sang him “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” instead of the expected “Happy Birthday.” Wasn’t he surprised to discover it wasn’t actually Christmas! Ha! Joke’s on him!

P.S. I tried to upload this last night, but internet becomes so slow after dark, it was impossible. I couldn’t even send out an email last night.

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