Sermon Prep and Mozzarella

*Posting issues… This was Saturday.

Yesterday I spent pretty well my entire day studying in the office for sermon prep. I have decided to do a study on the Book of Romans, but I didn’t want to start with the first message without knowing where I was headed with the series. That took reading the entire book and doing some research before getting a rough framework for where I’d like to go with it. I think I have an idea, anyway.

One interesting thing I discovered in doing some online research is that many preachers, both modern and old, declare that Romans is the key book of the New Testament. I’ve read Romans many times before, but I don’t think I would have said that it was the key passage. However, reading through it again this time with that perspective in mind, I can see what those men were thinking. Romans is an excellent thesis on the gospel of Jesus.

If you have studied Romans before, I’d like to hear from you. What did you get out of it? What do you see as its main purpose or usefulness for the believer? You can email me at Put “The Book of Romans” or something like that in the subject line.

While I was holed up in the office, the rest of the family was busy with household things. Saturday is one of the busier cleaning days for Steph. She prefers to have the house in about its best form for Sunday, which is a habit I really enjoy. I wasn’t able to help much this week, but it looks like they all did well.

She also took time to make mozzarella cheese. We both felt the yield was not as high as we’d hoped–the whey was very milky afterward–but she did get nearly three pounds of cheese from about three gallons of milk, so it wasn’t bad. The cheese turned out perfectly. We actually ate some for our bedtime snack. Steph drizzled the cheese and tomatoes with balsamic vinegar mixed with a reduced molasses. Delicious!