War Against the Chickens

The chickens have continued to find ways of escape. I blocked this hole and that hole and the other, but the devious fowl maintain their subversion. Finally, I decided there’s nothing for it but to put a border around the whole base of the pen.

Dane and Shawn helped me. We had to do some cuts to follow the grade, but mostly we were able to skirt it with long pieces. It took a couple of hours, but when we were done, I was confident the birds could not escape.

Imagine my consternation at the five hens out this morning, clucking arrogantly as we did chores. I was sorely tempted to turn them into chicken soup, but I knew their comrades would only be emblazoned to rally for the cause.

The children caught them all and tossed them unceremoniously into the pen. Then they laid watch. Which simply meant standing there for two minutes to see the first chicken escape through a small gap between the gate and the barn. Aha!

That hole is blocked now. I am happy to report no escaped birds all morning long. However, I’m a little anxious, as they’ve all been congregated in the hen house. I anticipate a mutiny.

I also took a little time yesterday to throw up some rope swings for the children. Seth and Shawn especially need something to occupy themselves with, something that doesn’t involve the creek. Although nothing more than simple ropes, the swings have been a huge success so far.

Looking back to Sunday (which post was skipped because Saturday’s said it uploaded, but didn’t), we had a rather relaxing day. Since the States practices Daylight Savings, we are now an hour behind the east coast, meaning we could join in the conference call church service in Virginia. That was a joy.

Following the stateside service, we had a break. Then we gathered for our Spanish service. After lunch, I did a bit of editing on the recording so it could not be heard that Seth needed special attention partway through. I was not able to completely edit out the ducks caroling outside the window, however.

I know I’ve said it before, but we feel grateful for the connection we have with others via remote access. Somehow we don’t feel so very far away, and like my most faithful correspondent put it, we’re all in the same boat now, regardless of our location. It’s a really big boat, apparently.

Thanks to the emails coming in regarding the study of Romans. I appreciate the shared notes and views. I’m looking forward to reading through it all. Keep them coming.

Shawn is showing me where the rooster pecked his finger. There is blood, if you look closely enough.
He’s tied to the chair with a manta.
Listening to the sermon from Virginia

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