Uneventful Wednesday

After the Tuesday we had, it was nice to have a break yesterday. It was quiet in about every way.

I had made another batch of cheese on Tuesday, so we had no extra milk to worry about. It was raining in the morning, so that canceled outdoor projects. And everyone took long naps in the afternoon. I suppose we were all just tired.

With all the activity of Tuesday, the girls hadn’t completed their school. That meant some catch-up work. They spent pretty well all day in the office, even working awhile after supper. They’re doing well in their studies, but I’m running low on books. We’re hoping shipping opens up again so we can place an order.

Steph was the busiest of us. She made up the apples from Alicia into applesauce. It turned out really well, but she said she couldn’t get the apples soft enough to suit her, even after boiling them twice as long as she was used to. She plans to pressure cook them next time.

We keep wondering when Barbara is going to kid. She is getting larger and larger by the day. We’ve had her a month and a half, so that doesn’t help narrow it down too much. Goats have a five-month gestation.

We’re excited about seeing the kids. We’re hoping for doelings. I’m looking forward to raising my own does that are actually healthy and hardy. A number of the ones we have are starting to look pretty good, but they’ve got a ways to go.

If we have doelings, we plan to keep them. Bucklings we’ll likely sell. I already have an idea for names if they’re doelings. I’m considering raising a wether to keep with the buck once we have to start separating him. I’d like to try butchering a wether, eventually.

Steph made deep fried chicken tenders for supper. They were amazing with homemade honey mustard sauce for dipping. We enjoyed fresh applesauce for our bedtime snack. Everyone went to sleep early.

Steph and Dane were extremely giddy at lunch.