In Quietness and Rest

Things are even more quiet around here than they have been. The lechero said he is too afraid of his cows getting stolen, so they moved all their cattle to another place on Saturday. We no longer hear his taxi blaring with music at 5:00 every morning.

I don’t know how long they’ll be gone. He warned me before they left that I must get up every night around 1:00 or 2:00 to make sure to chase off the robbers because they won’t be here to do it. So far, I have opted not to follow his advice.

Sunday was another foggy morning, so it was warmer than it has been. The sun came out and brought up the temperature even more. We open the eastern doors and windows to let the warm air in to heat the house.

We called into the Virginia conference call again for church. My phone struggled for a good while. The kind robot lady kept patiently telling me I had the wrong code. After several attempts, she would sweetly tell me goodbye; then I’d call and try again.

After twenty minutes or more of that, I was losing my patience. To prove to the robot lady that I knew what I was talking about, when she asked for the code, I pressed each of the numbers for a ridiculously long time. Bonk! Bonk! Bo-o-o-onk!

I wanted to imply that I thought she was deaf. Miracles! She said it was the right number. Did I sense an offended tone when she welcomed me to the conference call? I dunno. Maybe next time she’ll let me in sooner.

After a short break after the conference call, I shared from Romans 1:18–2:11. Apparently, it was fairly tedious because Seth literally fell out of his chair, asleep. Thus ensued large sections that could thankfully be edited out wherein he was returned to his right mind and to silence.

During nap time, Anne had the grand idea to surprise me by cleaning out the goat pen. She got Abbey and Dane to help her. They had the whole thing cleaned into piles when Anne went with excitement to tell Steph that they were ready to wheelbarrow it out. At which point Steph reminded them that it was Sunday.

Poor things were rather deflated that they couldn’t finish their work because it was to be a surprise. I assured them that it was sweet, and I was charmed. Anne said she was so embarrassed that she forgot it was the Lord’s day. I’m glad some truths are sticking.

The chickens are laying again! Yay! The ducks seem to like the boxes just as well as the chickens. I’m glad because that means cleaner eggs.

Dane figured it was faster to carry the goat.
Listening to the preacher, babysitting, and resting my eyes all at once
I tied his hands together with Walter’s pacifier string so he’d sit still for two minutes.
Anne thought she was too pretty not to photograph.
Editing out Seth’s tears

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