Showers of Blessings

I had a few things to do yesterday morning, so I knocked those out before lunch. Abbey and I took a walk and checked the corn up at Lamar’s. It’s ready to harvest. After naps, Dane and I went up and had a look at the water pump situation.

I was pleased that it turned out to be a simple fix to move the wiring to bypass the faulty computer. I did it without cutting the power and without getting shocked. I count that a success.

We weren’t able to try it out really until someone showered, but I was pretty confident it would work. After cleaning up the supper dishes, I told Steph to give it a whirl. I needed to adjust the temperature if the pressure stayed up.

And it did! I set the temperature to just too hot for me, which should be about pleasant for Steph. Dane had been begging to play “Sharlenes,” so I told them we could while Mama was in the shower. We managed to play three rounds before she’d had enough.

She told me afterward that it was the best shower she’s had in weeks. Poor thing. We’re looking forward to good water pressure.

There is a danger that in the dry season we could run out of water. Without the safety computer in place, that could mean the pump could run dry and ruin itself. Hopefully before that happens, the quarantine will be lifted, and I can find another computer.

In other news, I don’t think I updated you on the duckling eggs. None of them hatched out. They all appeared to be fertilized, but they had died at various stages. Also, none of the chicken eggs hatched, but it appears none of them were fertilized. I plan to try again, but not right away.

We’ve had two frosts now. Within the past week, we’ve been below freezing twice and slightly above freezing the other mornings. With no heat in the house and with humidity over ninety percent, the inside temperature has been in the upper forties.

With only two frosts, the grass is already turning brown. I’m not sure what to do about the hay field. It’s hardly tall enough to get a good cutting off of, but it’s against the law for the hay-making people to come anyway. Maybe it will still be worth baling later. I’m not sure how much it will grow yet.

Dead duckling 😢
Can you see the browning of the grass?

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