No Water… For the Umpteenth Time

This is our third day without water.

Yesterday, I was able to find a major break in the line up at the cutoff valve outside Lamar’s house. I don’t know how it could have broken into several pieces by natural causes, and it stretches the limits of my imagination to imagine a cow could have delicately placed her foot down the three-inch pipe surrounding the cutoff, broken the supply line, then walked away with no evidence to the fact. I find it easier to imagine a person shoving something heavy down the hole several times, thus breaking the pipe.

Like I said, I don’t know, and it’s a side issue. I managed to fix the pipe by gluing in a replacement piece. I do not have a cutoff valve to put back in. I’d like to get one next week, Lord willing.

I could not turn the water back on yesterday because I’d asked the neighbor to use his cutoff valve, I had no idea where it was, and he wasn’t home for the night. I went up several times to check. The last time, his grown daughter answered the door. She didn’t know where the valve was, either. I gave her some fresh strawberry yogurt as a thank you for the fellow allowing me to cut off the water that day.

This morning early, the fellow showed up. I asked, and he said his name is Santos. He said the valve was opened again, but that we wouldn’t have water until we fixed another break up in the pasture. He said his daughter told him about the yogurt, so he wanted to help. He took me up through the pasture and showed me a wet area where he was sure there was another leak. He had pipe glue for me to use, if I needed.

I went back to the house for breakfast before heading up with the shovel. It is true that we have only a small trickle of water. It’s still leaking somewhere. I did check my new connections from yesterday, and they are holding water. Also, the yard is drying out pretty quickly now.

I spent all morning digging holes, looking for the leak. Santos came back around noon and was surprised I hadn’t found it yet. It’s slow going. The hardest part is cutting through all the grass and roots. The pipe is buried about eighteen inches to two feet deep. Santos says he doesn’t think a cow could have broken it with how deeply it’s buried, but maybe there is a shallow spot we haven’t found yet. Who knows?

I think I may be getting closer to the leak because the hole I dug this afternoon keeps filling up with water. However, I am worn out. I’m taking a break to work on the sermon for tomorrow. If I have energy, I may go back up a little later.

Steph is letting the trickle of water run into tubs to gather water for bathing the children later tonight. How long must a trickle run before you have enough water to bathe eight people?

Water has been a continual fight since we’ve been here. Ever hear of water torture? It makes life rather difficult to be without water, especially with a large family. I find it rather disheartening, all things considered.

We’d be grateful for your prayers. I don’t know what caused the sudden breakages in various places. And I don’t even know where they are, besides which my resources are somewhat limited just now. Please ask God to show me the problem and to help me solve it. Maybe a good reminder for praying for us would be each time you use water.

And please pray for courage or fortitude for us. I know we’re not really suffering yet; we’re very thankful for the water from the cow creek; but it is a bit discouraging, to be honest. Thanks for your support.

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