And on the Sixth Day, God…

…gave us water! Hallelujah!

This week for chores Shawn has to feed and water the pigs. For chores that Shawn can’t do by himself, I try to help him. I grabbed a bucket to collect water for them, but I thought I might as well see if I could get a trickle of water at the spigot by their pen. What a surprise when a nice, full gush of water came out and stayed steady! I wondered how that could be.

After breakfast, Dane and I went up with all our tools ready to dig and hunt some more. I stopped in at Lamar’s to check on the tank since I knew water was flowing, and saw that it was full. I called Steph to send one of the girls up with a key for the shop. I then wired the pump back up and waited. We’ve been praying for this pump for nearly a week now.

It works like a charm! Now Steph had plenty of water to catch up all the laundry and cleaning that has been accumulating despite her best efforts. But how long would the tank of water last? I decided to check the spigot beside the lane. Behold! It is flowing with full pressure!

I stood there somewhat dumbfounded. Now what? I was ready to go dig up some pipes, but we have plenty of water, and the pressure is normal at all points. What happened?

I decided to go up to check the ditches where I had dug holes. They appeared undisturbed. But one blessing on the way up is that someone put our bridge back across the creek! We’ve replaced that bridge how many times, but someone keeps hauling off with it. I think this is the first time that someone put it back.

I decided there was nothing to do but cover up the holes where I knew the pipe wasn’t leaking. We cleaned up the grass and headed back to the house. I stopped into check on the tank, and it is completely full all the way to the brim; though, Steph has been doing laundry, filling water bottles, and washing stuff as fast as she and the girls could.

I don’t know how to explain it. Yesterday, we essentially had no water; now we have full pressure. I did nothing. Did God heal the pipe? Did He send some angel to repair it? We don’t know, but we feel so grateful to have running water again.

Back at the house, I gathered the family, and we bowed in the kitchen to thank God. Will we have water tomorrow? I don’t know. Will someone or something break our pipes again in the future? I don’t know. But today we have a gift from our loving Father.

Thank you all for your prayers. Pray, asking God to protect our pipes, if it’s within His plan for us. And praise Him for His goodness. Much love to you all.

And if tomorrow comes with another storm cloud, remind me that God is good all the time.

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