Checking In

*Tuesday’s post

Nothing much to report. We’re all taking a breather. Today was spent catching up on schooling that had gotten behind schedule. School had fallen by the wayside while we dealt with the water crisis.

We’re still thrilled to be enjoying water. Hot showers with good pressure are a luxury not to be taken for granted.

Our neighbor Oscar now has a permit to sell cheese in Cusco. He asked if he could buy our excess milk, so we’re keeping only what we need. He said he wants to ask around to see if he can sell the goat milk, too.

We’re still on lockdown, but this could be our opening to selling milk. That was a blessing out of the blue.

I wish Estrella would be giving more. Her milk production is slacking off with less water in the grass. I keep buckets of water filled up at her stall, which she drinks down most of the way each night. But she’s down a few liters a day now. Nutrition and hydration are key components to milk production. I need to consider ways to improve.