What did I do today?

Do you ever ask yourself that at the end of the day and not really know? I was honestly a bit stumped because I know I was busy, but I couldn’t remember with what. That’s because I took a think day.

I wanted to spend some time working on fun stuff like budgeting money, budgeting time, and setting goals. What prompted me was the listlessness or lack of motivation I’m feeling with nothing to do except be home. I mentioned it to Steph, and she brightened up and told me she could think of lots to do. This is why I knew I must sit down and figure something out!

As an aside, I’ve been thinking about the roles we lead and how those roles will change from before the lockdown to during and finally to after. Will the workaholic men who simply couldn’t find time to be home learn that they can take time away from work without the sky falling? Or will they be even more driven? Will the moms who wanted more time from their husbands be sad to see them go back to work? Or will they be glad to have some space again?

You could go on and on with various stereotypes there. I’m just curious what we’ll learn through all of this, assuming we learn at all.

One thing I did in my planning today was draw up a design for a milk stand. I believe I have all the materials I need. I’d hoped to get started on that today, but it didn’t happen. I don’t expect to get to it tomorrow since I’ll be studying for Sunday.

Speaking of tomorrow, usually we have a grand bathing for all the littles on Saturday in preparation for Sunday, but we are again–still–out of water. Today is two and a half days without water again. There is a slight flow, but not enough pressure to fill toilets, for example. Something is still up with the reservoir in the mountain. We’ve been praying for water again, but we have plenty of drinking water and have developed a routine for collecting ditch water, so we haven’t become anxious… yet.

We had our lunch outside, enjoying the warmth. Today was an especially warm day. The children wanted us to join them on the swings, so we took turns giving them rides with us. It wasn’t super comfortable or highly efficient, but it was fun.

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