One more day of rain, and we’d have had a week of rain. The ditch running along the back of the property is up past my waist. I did not test it out, but I know how to measure.

With the clouds gone, and the sun out, temperatures have risen nicely. A couple days ago, it never made it into the 60s. Coupled with high humidity from the rain, I struggled to get warm.

The rain kept us all indoors, allowing tensions to grow. It’s a relief for everyone when the children can stretch their legs (and voices?) outside.

Some waterfowl have been flocking in and covering the fields around us. I told Dane if he manages to get one with his slingshot, we’ll have it for supper. Anne and Abbey are determined to get one before Dane does. If the birds could be killed by excited shrieks about “how close I was to hitting it!” we would have a freezer full of them.

We’re thankful for healthy bodies, healthy animals, running water, and plenty of sunshine today. Hope you’re having a beautiful day wherever you are.

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