Some Farm Work

I spent the morning in the office on an editing project. With all the rain recently, there was a lot of laundry to do. That kept the children busy.

This afternoon we spent some time cleaning up the bodega. After a month of feeding goats and pigs and cows, there’s always lots of dust to gather. Anything edible is given to the pigs; they approve of a clean workspace.

I also needed to mix up the next batch of goat feed. I’m using ground barley, which makes a lot of dust. Shawn was helping me, and we were both sneezing and coughing a bit till we were through.

Then it was time for the afternoon feeding. Anne and Dane gathered water into bottles. We’ll use that over the next weeks to add to the feed mixture, binding the mineral supplement to the loose feed.

It started sprinkling a little, so we ran to get the feed handed out. Once the bowls are empty, it’s time to put the goats away. I’m thankful for my helpers.

A couple of the older does are starting to show that they’re carrying kids. Within the last month, all the young does were bred by Merry. I’m watching this week for any that come back into heat. If not, I’ll be marking due dates for September.

If they all settle, well have up to eight first-time mamas around September. That should be fun! It’ll also mean that many more goats to milk, and all their babies to feed. If they all have twins, and a few have triplets, we could be feeding up to twenty kids!

Maybe you’ll want to schedule your visit around then. I’m sure you’d enjoy all the cuteness.

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