A Quiet Tuesday

We didn’t have much going today. The girls had some catching up to do in school because we hadn’t finished everything yesterday. They did a few jobs for Steph, then joined me in the office.

I was hammering away on an editing project. This was a full book project, and I finally finished it! It felt really good to send it off.

Another thing we finished recently was getting all the way through our Spanish songbook. It took us about nine months to sing through five hundred new songs in our family devotions. We started back at number one, again. We’re looking forward to understanding the words much better this time around.

After lunch, I was playing with the children out in the yard a little before naps. To help them calm down for resting, I tried spinning them around, hanging onto their hands or feet.

They loved it, but after ten minutes of that, I felt horrible. I had to lie down, alternately holding my head or stomach. I felt so green, I wasn’t sure I was going to keep my avocado sandwich down from lunch. Thinking about avocados when feeling ill doesn’t help the situation, by the way.

At supper time, Rafael called and asked if I’d make them some fresh yogurt, which I was glad to do. They want to start buying it. Oscar’s came later this evening and asked if I could make up some samples for them to sell in Cusco Saturday.

I’d be thrilled if we were able to have a regular market for yogurt. I enjoy making it, and it’s a convenient way to use up our milk. Hopefully, we can build up a customer base.

Rafael’s yogurt will sleep here tonight.

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