Chicken Gold

This morning we spent cleaning out the chicken pen. I shooed the chickens out into their yard so we could clean in peace.

I had been planning to clean it on my own, but the children all felt it would be fun to help. They enjoy hanging out with me, and that gives Steph some breathing room indoors.

Walter was the only one not out with me. He’s in a difficult phase, having passed up crawling and beginning to stand. Learning to walk on concrete and tile floors is not fun. Steph has been keeping him mostly penned up when he isn’t under direct supervision.

This morning was so cold, it was literally no degrees. We had a heavy fog that didn’t lift until about 9:00, so the cold has stuck with us. The sun has been peeking out some, but it’s just going to be a chilly day.

This afternoon I plan to measure all the goats. We’re getting low on goat feed, but Oscar’s uncle said he can pick it up for us. I gave him quite a long list on Friday, but he thinks he can find it all.

Speaking of goats, Maude is drying up and filling out. She was not bred by Merry, so if she’s pregnant, it would be from before she arrived. However, I cannot feel kids when I palpate. I’m hoping that she’s just hiding them deep.

I’m going to keep milking her this week, but if she drops production much more, I’ll have to dry her off. Happily, Agnes is expanding nicely, and I can easily feel her kids. She should freshen before a month is past, I expect.

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