Goat Goodness

Pig pen on Friday. Chicken pen on Monday. Goat pen today. Things are getting tidied up again.

The thing about cow, pig, and chicken manure is that it’s hot. You can’t grow in it directly because it needs to break down first. Goat and rabbit droppings are known as cold manure. You can use them as dirt, basically.

I added the pig and chicken to the compost pile, which is getting quite large. I want to turn it soon and build up some better partitions.

The goat droppings I put into piles directly on my garden plot. I’m looking forward to using it in my no-till garden next season. It should be really nice to work with.

Shawn helped me all morning, but we didn’t quite finish. We hauled out over half a dozen wheelbarrow loads. Nearly twenty goats make a lot of droppings in a little time. Thankfully, it’s dry and simple to clean up.

Dane came out after lunch and school and helped us wrap it up. We finished just before milking time. The goats seemed to notice the pen looked different. They would pause in the doorway to look around. I wonder what went through their minds.

It’s a good feeling to have a clean area to work in. It’s also nice to know that I’m building up my garden plot as I work with my goats. In just a few months, we should have a nice amount gathered.

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