Batten Down the Hatches!

We had a full day. I spent the better part of it working on a project in the bodega with the children. But things are looking grim.

First Seth vomited. Later it was Abbey. Now it’s Steph. Three out for the count, and some others are feeling yucky.

Coincidentally, the septic decided to back up today. Just when we would really appreciate toilets, we can’t use them. I have the privilege of hauling buckets out to the weeds in the dark, instead.

I put all the children in the office on the floor so they would be next to our room–and away from theirs–should they need assistance through the night. No doubt, someone will.

I’m sure many of you will begin praying for us right away. Thanks so much! Could I ask you to especially pray about the septic? I’m not sure what to do with it… tomorrow.

This is a drain out in the goat milking pen. That is black water backing up instead of going down. Somewhere under the concrete floor of the barn, there is trouble.

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