Better and Worse

Everyone woke up feeling much improved. Walter was the only one with stomach discomfort today. Happily, I did not have to get up once during the night. Yay!

Steph felt very tired today, though. She was washed out after yesterday. The children also seemed more subdued.

After breakfast, I went out to the ditch. I shoved something like fifty feet of pipe up the drain pipe in the ditch, but I met no resistance. I had no more pipe here, but Rafael’s were planning to come this afternoon, so I asked them to bring some more pieces.

The septic was backed up worse today than yesterday. It was seeping out of the tank lid as well as the drain in the milking pen–as well as the shower drain. Sigh…

Hopefully, tomorrow I’ll be able to connect more pipes together and reach far enough up the drain to hit the blockage. I was encouraged that a solid chunk of debris was pushed up the drain in the milking pen. That shows that something is moving, anyway.

Because Rafael’s were here over chore time, I didn’t milk until after supper. After the children were in bed, I mixed up some flavors for the yogurt I had going since this morning. It turned out beautifully. I love making yogurt.

I tried a new flavor, peach, using an extract Steph had found in Cusco. It’s hard to tell how strong the flavor will be when the yogurt is still warm. I’m looking forward to sampling that one in the morning.

Oscar’s ordered this yogurt to take with them to Cusco Saturday. They ordered a bit more this go around, five liters. It’s not huge, but it’s something!

It’s late. Everyone is in bed and asleep, and they’re all feeling well. We have all we need. Isn’t that precious? That makes sleep sweet.

Dane and I played a couple games of 10,000 while the ladies did the supper dishes.
Yogurt cooking for market

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